Being an instance of different areas and forming a novel Islamic culture is one of the main goals of Iranian nation. Science and technology is one of the bases of this culture. Islamic Iran have been stepping firmly toward the stability and proudness of Islamic nation empowering itself using the modern science and technology.

Research Center on Developing Advanced Technologies was founded in 1992 as a primary research center to pursue the target. After two decades of basic scientific studies and employing some experienced and young researchers from different fields, it was promoted to be one of prominent research centers in Iran. In that period of time, the number of scientists researching in the center was twenty times more than its beginning year. In 2012, it was restructured as a complex of different research centers that are continue to work in various fields of science and technology. 

Research centers

  • Department of Aerospace
    This department focuses on all research fields of sciences that relate to aerospace
  • Department of Astronomy
    This department studies on different fields of astronomy
  • Department of Mechatronic
    This team of experts study and work on design and manufacture of mechatronic devices
  • Department of Chemistry
    Chemistry team was established to focus on precise solutions for material analysis.
  • Department of Biology
    This department is one of well-equipped and efficient research teams in Iran that focuses on reference labs that are reliable on different fields of biology
  • Department of Physics
    An experienced team that focuses on design and production of different analysis devices
  • Department of Communications
    Designing a suitable infrastructure for development and implementation of communication solutions are the basic aims of this department.
  • Department of cyberspace
    Focuses on development of various communication systems for cyberspace are the main aims of this team of experts.
  • Department of Software
    A group of experts on development and implementation of different software for enterprise, web and mobile applications
  • Department of Infrastructure
    A group of expert scientists which study on design and implementation of cloud computing infrastructure.
  • Department of Infrastructure Security
    A group security experts studying on development and implementation of secure infrastructures
  • Department of Developing Secure Systems
    Experts on development and analysis of different tools for securing information infrastructures
  • Department of cryptography
    One of the frontiers of studying on synchronous and asynchronous cryptography
  • Department of Speech Processing
    The group is one of the first research groups in Iran that have been studying on processing speech and voice signals
  • Department of Image Processing
    This department focus on feasibility studies, development and implementation of scientific methods and technologies on image processing projects
  • Department of Signal Processing
    This group studies on development and implementation of different projects that focus on different biological signals.


Nano-bio-sensor chip surface plasmon resonance
Chest to keep information secure
Secure one-way transmission system
Determine the portion of the image
Metal Organic Framework
Making Zdfvnyknnd contain hydrogen peroxide solution

Technology and Research

  • Processing dynamic and static images
  • Speech recognition and process techniques
  • Analysis of different cryptography systems and algorithms
  • Analysis of brain activity in different brain states
  • Training package for management and operations of Security Operations Centers(SOC)
  • Various security checks for information infrastructures of organizations
  • Study on mechatronic and aerospace-related systems and astronomy.

Research News

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